07: Supporting the community – fundraising & volunteering


A society for men, designed for self improvement and to do charity work.

When & where: Masonic Hall second Tuesday each month from October to May at 6.30pm
Person to contact: Robert Hector
Phone: 01934 712954
Cost: Annual subscription of £85
Who can attend: Open to men who believe in a superior being.
Support with attending : Contact Robert Hector to discuss.

To enable the whole village to meet together for an evening to celebrate the harvest coming home

When & where: The event is held each year on the 1st Saturday in August in the field in the church. There are also fund-raising events throughout the year, eg the ‘Winter Warming’ evening.
Person to contact: Mike Isgar
Phone: 01934 712087
Cost: Ticket prices are set for the harvest home event as low as possible, to enable as many people as possible to come.
Who can attend: Open to everyone.
Support with attending : Contact Mike Isgar to discuss.

Registered Charity No. 1184104

Service to the community, including fund-raising and supporting local projects.

When & where: Business meetings are held at Winscombe Social Club, as necessary. This may change as of 1 August to The Kings Head, Silver Street, Cheddar. Second Thursday of each month from 7.30pm.
Person to contact: Kerry Wood, Secretary
Phone: 0845 8337402
Cost: £72.00 per year, payable in 2 instalments
Who can attend: Membership details by request. Contact Kerry Wood or via website.
Support with attending : Contact Kerry Wood to discuss.

To raise funds for the charity

Person to contact: Sue Burton
Phone: 01934 712092
Cost: Not applicable
Who can attend: If you would like to have a collection box in which to put your loose change, contact Sue. Christmas cards are available from November.
Support with attending : Not applicable

An organisation with charitable purposes, to advance health and relieve sickness, especially in people in Wedmore, Axbridge and surrounding areas.

When & where: Quarterly meetings and an AGM
Person to contact: Shirley Wederell
Phone: 01934 712089
Cost: A fund raising organisation, with no cost to help. This fund has helped many people, eg, supplying equipment at the end of life and supporting ‘Music in Mind’.
Who can attend: Open to all Wedmore parishioners who want to help.
Support with attending : Contact Shirley Wederell to discuss.

To help the congregation of St Mary’s to raise money to maintain and enhance St Mary’s as an all-village community centre.

When & where: Fundraising events throughout the year, such as ‘Clash of the choirs’ and ‘The Wedmore 40/30’ charity bike ride
Person to contact: David Hopkins
Phone: 01934 710149
Cost: Nothing to join. Event specific

To deter crime, report incidents and encourage crime prevention

When & where: Coordinators may hold informal meetings locally to encourage good practice and to pass on information A beat surgery is held by our local policing team on 4th Wed every month 11.00 -12noon at Nanny Idas Café Wedmore
Person to contact: Roy Millward
Phone: 01934 712999
Cost: No cost
Who can attend: Anyone can attend a ‘beat surgery’

A Masonic Lodge, a society for men, designed for self improvement and to do charity work.

When & where: 4th Wednesday in November, February and May at the Masonic Hall
Person to contact: David Pottow
Phone: 01934 712186
Cost: Annual subscription, subject to change, currently £30.00 per year.
Who can attend: Anyone who is a Mason, by invitation only.
Support with attending : Contact David to discuss.

To connect people who work together to solve community problems and promote goodwill

When & where: Every Thursday 7.15pm Strawberry Inn Draycott
Person to contact: Chris Steel
Phone: 07778 672700
Cost: Please contact Chris Steel for details
Who can attend: Open to everyone
Support with attending : Support with transport available. Please contact Chris Steel to discuss

Supporting farmers in local crisis on the moors

When & where: Meet whenever necessary
Person to contact: Clive Bethell
Phone: 01458 211034
Cost: No cost
Who can attend: Open to landowners on the Tealham and Tadham moor
Support with attending : Not applicable