Isle of Wedmore News – April 2021

The Great Outdoors!

With the proposed gradual easing of restrictions, we can hopefully start to do things outside again and with milder Spring weather, what could be better! Why not start with a walk from our own guide, available from the Isle of Wedmore website There are six walks to choose from and are apparently not difficult and are suitable for all walkers and go through some beautiful countryside’. The booklet was written in 2006, so the landscape may have changed somewhat! Let’s find out! Walking in the countryside is good exercise and can be calming for our troubled spirits after the long winter. Our mental health may have taken a battering over the last year. We have all had trying times, as we have been isolated and restricted. Our children and young people may have been affected by the lockdown in different ways to adults. There is a service specifically designed for them and their parents/carers. Take a look for ideas to help support them.

Update on the Isle of Wedmore Good Neighbours Scheme

The Isle of Wedmore Good Neighbour Scheme has gone live! Although the pandemic is restricting the scope of our support, our team of volunteers is ready to offer support to anyone who would benefit! Good Neighbours are there for all adults of any age in our community. We all benefit from a bit of extra help from time to time to help us through, for example, recovering from feeling low, or recovering from a period of ill health. Perhaps we need transport to a GP appointment or getting to a club or meeting.  There is a team of friendly and willing volunteers in our community waiting to offer that little bit extra.  Keeping links with people is important for all of us to help us feel part of the community. Perhaps there will be a time when you can do the same to help someone else, but if you need a bit if extra support or company now, please do get in touch.  Some people may just appreciate a friendly phone call or visit (socially distanced at the moment) from a neighbour, to help them feel less isolated. Some people may be reluctant to ask for help, but the team of local volunteers is keen to help and make a difference to their neighbours’ lives. So if you want to find out more, or ask for support or volunteer your time, it’s easy to do. You can phone on the dedicated number 01934 806299. You will be asked to leave a short message, along with your name and contact details and a local coordinator will contact you to find out more. Don’t delay, call today!

(PS – just a last word – we are not an emergency service and do not take the place of health and social services – our role is to be Good Neighbours!)

Axbridge and Wedmore Medical Practice

Guidance and information about COVID-19 change frequently. To keep up to date check out the practice website and our local website , which has links to all relevant documents and websites mentioned.

Cathy Butterworth

On behalf of Wedmore Health & Wellbeing Project