Isle of Wedmore News – April 2024

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Give your wellbeing a boost! – Wedmore Wellbeing Day on Saturday 4th May – Save the Date!

Come along and meet the people at the heart of our many organisations which support our health & wellbeing on our Wedmore Wellbeing Day. On Saturday 4th May we will be holding our third Wellbeing Day. Our 40+ confirmed exhibitors include representatives from our local organisations as well as some from further afield. You can meet one of our new GPs from Axbridge & Wedmore Medical Practice; find out how a defibrillator works and where you can find one; discover what projects the Wedmore & Axbridge Community Health Fund supports for groups as well as individuals; find out how people with dementia and their carers can make the most of life; try out an exercise ‘taster session’; ask for free fire safety advice from a Fire Officer for YOUR home, and much more! Then you can relax & refresh at St Mary’s Coffee Shop! So visit the three venues in the village – Wedmore Village Hall, Masonic Hall and St Mary’s Church from 9.30am to 2.30pm. Come and find out how you can make the most of living in Wedmore, to put ‘the life in our days’, as well as ‘the days in our life’!

You can see a list of confirmed participants here !

If you need transport or company to visit the Wellbeing Day, Good Neighbours may be able to help. Just call 01934 806299.

Blue Zones

Wedmore has so much to offer to support our health & wellbeing. Many of you will have heard of the so-called Blue Zones in the world, where people live to a ripe old age and healthily! These Blue Zones have been described by Dan Buettner, who is an explorer, a National Geographic fellow, and a leading blue zone researcher. He found, for example, that ‘Okinawa, Japan was producing the longest lived humans in the history of the world, largely free of disability’. His research and investigations lead him to the conclusion that there were a few key features in the way people lead their lives in these Blue Zones, for example, they tend to have gardens, about 90% of their food is plant-based, they keep moving during their day, they find purpose in their lives and they stay connected with those around them. For more information, listen to or read the Zoe podcast he has recorded.

Another expert who is encouraging us to find ways to live a long ‘healthspan’ as well as a long ‘lifespan’ is Dr Peter Attia. This means we are able to have a good quality of life, enjoy ourselves and feel good for as long as possible. One of his main themes is the benefit of exercise, which we all know is good for us! For more information on what sort of exercise is good for us to live as healthy a life as possible, find out more from the Zoe podcast he has recorded.

We have organisations locally which will help us with the key messages from both of these experts as well as boosting each one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing over and over again!

Our Wedmore Carers’ Group

Do you care for or support a person with dementia? Then this friendly informative group is for you! Come along on the first Friday of the month to The Swan Hotel, Wedmore between 10am and 12md, next meeting on Friday 5th April. If you want to find out more, phone HeadsUp on 01749 670667 or email