Isle of Wedmore News – October 2020

Our Health and Wellbeing

In consultation with Axbridge and Wedmore Medical Practice and with the support of Wedmore Parish Council here is this month’s item relating to our health and wellbeing.

Staying safe AND social!

Thank you to Kirsten Rushby, our Village Agent, for contributing to this month’s item.

Face Coverings:

We are all getting to grips with remembering our face coverings when we go out and thought it might be useful to refresh people on where you must wear face coverings. Face coverings are now compulsory is a range of public places including: shops, shopping centres, retail spaces and supermarkets, public transport, indoor transport hubs, banks, building societies, and post offices. The government has full details on their website, which can be found by following the link from our website. (Link 1) You can also find information here about people who are exempt from wearing face coverings and when you are permitted to remove a face covering when asked. If you fancy making one there are 4 great free patterns available via Link 2.

Staying Connected: The pandemic has forced many of us to be creative in the way we stay connected with one another. Carers in particular may have found themselves more isolated and struggling as their usual support groups have stopped running. You can find connections with other people online, & you might be able to find a little respite in non traditional ways, such as joining Facebook groups or online forums. This month’s Carers Newsletter can be found via our link 3 and has lots of ideas of groups you could join – whether you are a carer or not! You may find a new way of virtually meeting people with shared hobbies and interests. Here’s a few ideas to set yourself a little time aside for you:

  • The Virtual Village Hall is a programme of themed online activities designed to enjoy at home by the Royal Voluntary Service. Lots of online activities can be found via our link 4.
  • Home Pamper Session can be found via our link 5.
  • Online Book Clubs – Good Housekeeping recommends various clubs can be found via our link 6.
  • Take a mindful moment in nature: Simply sit and enjoy being outdoors, use it as mindful relaxation time, listening to the birds & being in nature. has tips which can be found via our link 7.
  • SEED – Creative Lives under Lockdown information can be found via our link 8.
  • Reading or Listening: Set yourself up in a comfortable space, with nourishing snacks, a cuppa, plenty of water & a good book or Audible book


Good hydration can assist in preventing or treating ailments such as: Urinary infections and incontinence; Memory or thinking problems; Constipation; Dizziness leading to falls; Reduces hospital admissions.  It can be tough to remember to drink enough so here’s a few tips

  • Make it social! Take time out to have a cup of tea
  • Make sure drinks are available at mealtimes
  • Set reminders on your phone to drink every hour
  • 5 litres a day is what we each should be drinking – make a jug of water of that amount and keep in fridge – make sure it is gone by the end of the day! Add mint or cucumber in for added refreshment!

Our Village Agent can now supply you with your very own water bottle for free to help keep you hydrated! Information from Caroline Harding, CCS Agent Manager, can be found via our link 9.  CCS Village, Community & Carers Agents are in our communities across Somerset.  They help to bridge the gap between isolated, excluded, vulnerable and lonely individuals and statutory and/or voluntary organisations which offer specific solutions to identified needs.  They can offer advice and support to find local groups and activities available in our community and help us with any queries we may have or situations which we may need advice and support with. Please visit and or call me to find out who can advise you.

Our Village Agent is Kirsten Rushby and you can contact her by phone:- 07746 332897, by email

Please go to for links to all relevant sites listed above.