Isle of Wedmore News – January 2022

New Year – new plans!

We are all hoping that 2022 will bring renewed hope for more social interaction with friends, neighbours and families. says that ‘people with strong and broad social relationships are happier, healthier and live longer. Broad networks bring a sense of belonging’. So we invite you to take action to build your connections as much as we are able in January, maybe by joining a new club or society or phoning an old friend. Your Wedmore Directory has plenty to choose from.



We would also like to invite you to join our small health & wellbeing team and to ‘give to others’. We have two projects in the pipeline. Firstly, we hope to be able to re-start our planned Dementia Friendly Community project, which was curtailed due to the pandemic. This is a programme devised by the Alzheimer’s’ Society, but each community arranges and manages it as they would like, to suit their own unique community.  The Alzheimer’s Society describes the programme as one which ‘encourages everyone to share responsibility for ensuring that people with dementia feel understood, valued and able to contribute to their community.’  The aims of this project are to raise awareness of dementia in our community, to explore what it means to live well with dementia and to put in place actions to help support those with dementia and these close to them. Please do contact us if you are interested in knowing more and/or supporting this project.


Secondly, we hope to put on our Wellbeing Day postponed from 2021. The first one in 2019 was very successful and we want to repeat that success, to enable everyone to find out about and to access our local resources to promote our wellbeing. So please do contact us if you would like to join us. We need to plan, promote and prepare for our day! Please give as little or as much of your time as you can offer – all help will be gratefully received! says that ‘our generosity is hard-wired to the reward mechanisms in our brains. When we give our time, energy and kindness to others it not only helps them, it’s also great for our wellbeing too’. So, it is a win-win situation. Please do contact me to find out more about either of these projects.