Isle of Wedmore News – November 2020

Health and Wellbeing entry for November 2020 Edition

Our Health and Wellbeing

In consultation with Axbridge and Wedmore Medical Practice and with the support of Wedmore Parish Council here is this month’s item relating to our health and wellbeing.

Remembering and looking out for each other.

November is the month for remembrance. Perhaps this year more than any other we will be focussing on remembering those we have not been able to see so much in the last eight months.

Our visits to loved ones and friends have been restricted and there may be people who are feeling more lonely than usual at this time of year. Dr Joey McHugh in her interview for the Talking Café on 3rd September said that loneliness was a worry for her and her team. But she reassured people that they could give the surgery a ring if this was becoming a real problem and affecting their mental health. She said that since the Covid-19 pandemic the practice had set up new working practices, such that joint working between all the team members had improved significantly.  Now there was regular contact between District Nurses, Social Services, Village Agent, Health Coaches and GPs. This has meant an improved service for patients who contact any one of those practitioners. Perhaps our Village Agent, Kirsten Rushby, could be your first point of contact. She can be contacted by phone on 07746 332897 or email She can signpost you to many and varied resources for support. Also our Wedmore Parish Council Covid-19 Support Group is still available for support. They can be contacted by email or via their website  You can watch the whole interview with Dr Joey McHugh via a Facebook video. This and all other links can be found on our dedicated Health and Wellbeing website We update this dedicated website regularly, daily if necessary, with the latest advice, guidance and legislation about Covid-19 – so make this your first port of call to find out what you need to know.

This may be a particularly difficult time for people with dementia, their loved ones and carers. A new service is being set up in our area – The Filo Project. This is a not-for-profit social enterprise, set up about six years ago in Devon to provide high quality day care for clients who are typically older people with symptoms of mild to moderate dementia. Filo daycare takes place in the home of a paid and trained host, who collects up to four clients and looks after them in his or her home from about 10am to 4pm before taking them home again. Hosts work on a set day each week with a consistent group. The idea is that the day is relaxed and sociable, with activities directed as much as possible by the personalities and interests of the clients. Once the group is established the experience is more like a day out with friends than anything else. If you would like to find out more or offer help please contact our Area Coordinator Murray Botes, by phone  07719 568 147 or 0333 939 8225, by email  or by going to the website

Cathy Butterworth RN BSc PGCE

On behalf of Wedmore Health and Wellbeing Project