It is not always clear what transport options are available in our community, if you don’t have access to a car. Here is a review, which may help you find the support you need.


This volunteer-led service offers transport for people to attend a range of venues, including for medical appointments and also for social visits.

  • For people who do not have their own car or do not drive or who have a physical or mental impairment or disability.
  • For people who have difficulty accessing transport when public transport is not available.
  • However, the volunteers are not covered by Insurance to transport people who need any support which could be deemed to be ‘personal care’.
  • The person needs to be able to get in and out of a car unaided, does not need any ‘lifting’ of any kind, does not use a wheelchair.
  • Good Neighbours is free to use but the group does have running costs – insurance, petrol expenses, as well as vetting and training of volunteers.  So, if you do use the service and want to make a small donation, this is always very welcome!

One number to contact – 01934 806299 and leave a message – a volunteer will contact you within 24 hours.

There will be people who do not meet these criteria, but the following other services may be able to help.



This organisation operates a number of services:

Hospital cars

  • Transport to hospital appointments in a car, not for GP or dental appointments
  • Need to register to be a user
  • Chargeable, but discount with bus pass.
  • Cannot take wheelchair users as driver’s own cars used
  • Not available for visiting a person in hospital
  • Telephone 01749 880613

Slinky Bus

  • Operates in Wedmore only on a Thursday – door-to-door on demand
  • Only goes to Burnham on Sea and/or Weston
  • Fully accessible. Eg takes wheelchairs
  • Can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance
  • There is a reasonable charge, but discount with bus pass.

You need to register to be a user

Telephone: 01749 880948

Group travel minibuses – 12 to 16 people

  • Can be booked in advance for group or single person
  • Fully accessible. Eg takes wheelchairs
  • Chargeable

Telephone 01749 880613

“Blue” Bus – Route 67

  • Route – Wookey Hole – Wells – Wedmore – Burnham-on-sea
  • Runs Monday to Saturday (Not Bank Holidays)
  • At least 5 buses most days are scheduled
  • Fares payable, but concessions apply – free with bass pass
  • Can take wheelchair users, but need to book in advance, eg 48 hours, to ensure seats are taken out to give enough room

Timetable – click here

NB – Mendip Community Transport is a charity, but operates on behalf of Somerset County Council in Mendip and North Sedgemoor.


Telephone 01278 434881


Network of cars

  • A volunteer uses their own car
  • Can take wheelchair users, if person can travel in car and if wheelchair will fit in the car
  • May be able to take a carer/escort
  • Drivers use a Blue Badge, to enable easy pick up and drop off
  • Will go to hospital (including for visiting), GPs, dentist and social venues
  • Busy service, so plenty of advance notice needed
  • Need to register per year for £19.00
  • Chargeable, but discount of £5.00 per journey for concessions (Example cost – Burnham to Musgrove Park Hospital and return – £41.00)
  • Easy to use

Telephone 01278 434881, Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm


  • Only transport to hospital appointments, not GP practices or dentist or other healthcare providers
  • Free for eligible people (there are very specific eligibility criteria – you should call 01278 727444 first to check)
  • Criteria apply to determine eligibility (Additional leaflet available)
  • A person must phone and complete a ‘questionnaire’ with the call handler to find out if they are eligible. Criteria relate to mobility and medical conditions, may be others

Telephone 01278 727444


  • Can be booked for private hire for any type of journey
  • Suitable for wheelchair users, as has a tail-lift
  • Chargeable @£1.00 per mile, with driver
  • Only available when not on a scheduled trips – Tuesday to Taunton, Wednesday to Bridgwater, Thursday to Weston-Super-Mare, Friday to Street.
  • See Wedmore News for full details


See website for overview

Has links to above Community Transport services.  If you are struggling to get to a medical appointment, including COVID-19 vaccinations and need help and support contact Somerset’s Coronavirus Helpline on 0300 790 6275’.


This is the Axbridge Good Neighbour scheme, which now will provide transport. However, this service is ONLY for residents in Axbridge.

Current as at 1 December 2021