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Wellbeing Theme Category:

Get fit and meet people

When & where: Wedmore Village Hall on a Tuesday from 10 – 11am, all year.
Person to contact: Rhian Weston
Phone: 07854 594268
Cost: £6 per session
Who can attend: Open to anyone over 50. Optional chair variation for people with limited mobility.
Support with attending : Contact Rhian Weston to discuss.
Wellbeing Theme Category:

To learn and develop drama skills, to work as part of a team, to increase confidence, self-esteem and have fun!

When & where: Wedmore Village Hall on Tuesdays after school. 3.45 to 4.45 for 5-9 year olds 4.45 to 6.15 for 9-14 year olds
Person to contact: Lou Merrifield
Phone: 07973 429947
Cost: £6.00 for 5-9 year olds £8.00 for 9-14 year olds
Who can attend: Children from 5 – 14. Open to new members.
Support with attending : Contact Lou Merryfield to discuss.

A society for men, designed for self improvement and to do charity work.

When & where: Masonic Hall second Tuesday each month from October to May at 6.30pm
Person to contact: Robert Hector
Phone: 01934 712954
Cost: Annual subscription of £85
Who can attend: Open to men who believe in a superior being.
Support with attending : Contact Robert Hector to discuss.
Wellbeing Theme Category:

To help increase core strength, improve body alignment and flexibility

When & where: Thursday 1.30 - 2.30pm Wedmore Scout Hut
Person to contact: Michelle Reynolds
Phone: 07825 543414
Cost: Cost varies, with discount given for more classes. (e.g: £25.00 for a four week block.)
Who can attend: All abilities
Support with attending : Not available
Wellbeing Theme Category:

To meet together, primarily for Christian worship, but also for community events.

When & where: Regular services held, as set out in the Isle of Wedmore News or Allerton News. Additional Events, e.g. 'Quest' Children's Group
Person to contact: Johnny Torrens-Spence, Church Warden or Reverend Richard Neill
Phone: Johnny - 01934 710188 or Richard – 01934 713566
Cost: No cost to attend services.
Who can attend: Open to all.
Support with attending : Please contact Johnny to discuss.
Wellbeing Theme Category:

A welcoming place for the whole community and also for regular Christian worship.

When & where: Services every Sunday at 10.30am - Prayer meetings, Men's & Ladies events also held on regular occasions. Every Wednesday 'Coffee with a view' from 10 to 12noon. Every Wednesday in term-time Youth Group, 7.30 - 9.15pm, For ages 10 to 18+. Every Thursday in term-time, 'Bumps & Babies' group, 10 - 12noon.
Person to contact: Mrs Sam Harvey
Phone: 01934 710779
Cost: All free events
Who can attend: Everyone is welcome, of any faith and none.
Support with attending : Contact Sam Harvey to discuss.
Wellbeing Theme Category:

To start learning the skills needed for life by making friends and trying new activities.

When & where: Monday evening from 5.45 – 6.45pm at The Scout Den, Combe Lane
Person to contact: Bill Belshaw
Phone: 01934 712438
Cost: £10 per month
Who can attend: Children over 5 3/4years old. Go to website to register an interest
Support with attending : Parents need to arrange, due to safeguarding requirements.
Wellbeing Theme Category:

This is a Community Choir, not a church choir. It provides opportunities to sing together for fun & enjoyment and to meet together.

The choir sings at social occasions, eg weddings, fetes and in care homes.

When & where: Blackford Church, 8 – 9pm on Monday evenings
Person to contact: Deirdre (Bun) Sisson
Phone: 01934 713617
Cost: Free. A voluntary contribution of £1.00 for church funds is welcome, but there is no obligation
Who can attend: Everyone welcome, no audition is required
Support with attending : Contact Deirdre (Bun) Sisson to discuss.

To enable the whole village to meet together for an evening to celebrate the harvest coming home

When & where: The event is held each year on the 1st Saturday in August in the field in the church. There are also fund-raising events throughout the year, eg the ‘Winter Warming’ evening.
Person to contact: Mike Isgar
Phone: 01934 712087
Cost: Ticket prices are set for the harvest home event as low as possible, to enable as many people as possible to come.
Who can attend: Open to everyone.
Support with attending : Contact Mike Isgar to discuss.
Wellbeing Theme Category:

For sport and social interaction

When & where: All year round at the recreation ground, indoor and outdoor sessions from 09.30am
Person to contact: Keith Pettit
Phone: 01934 733237
Cost: Annual fees on website
Who can attend: Open to all
Support with attending : Disabled facilities are available at club.  No transport available.